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BONDING: We can effectively bond to plastic, metal, fabric, brass, aluminum and stainless steel, etc.

MOLDING: Rubber Injection Molding, Transfer Molding, and Compression Molding

COLOR: We can color match almost any color on the spectrum

MATERIALS: Current materials in production are Silicone, EPDM, SBR, Sponge, Natural, Hydrin, Nitrile, Neoprene, Viton, Friction, etc.

Other Capabilities include: Packaging, Assembly, and Direct Shipping

About Us

Willis Rubber Company is a family owned business located in the northern part of Minnesota. We offer timely service and quality on all functions of our business . From prototyping to production, assembly, packaging, and shipping, we can offer cost effective solutions to you, our customers.   Some of our customers have experienced prototyping to production in as little as 3 working days.  Typical lead-times are 4 to 6 weeks.   We are proud to be one of the very few companies who has excelled in successfully molding friction corded materials.

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Our Mission Statement

OUR CUSTOMERS are the most important people in the business…in person, by mail. or on the phone.

OUR CUSTOMERS are not dependent on us…we depend on them.

OUR CUSTOMERS are not an interruption of our work…they are the purpose of it…we are not doing them a favor by serving them…they do us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve them.

OUR CUSTOMERS are not outsiders to our business…they are a part of it.

OUR CUSTOMERS are not cold statistics…they are flesh and blood human beings, with feelings and emotions like our own, and biases and prejudices that are shaped by their experiences with us.

OUR CUSTOMERS are not people to argue and match wits with…nobody ever won an argument with a customer.

OUR CUSTOMERS are people who bring us their wants…it is our job to handle those wants profitably…for them and ourselves.